Commissioned Support Services

In addition to the Restorative Justice Service, the Police and Crime Commissioner also commissions the Victim Care Service in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. The Victim Care Service provides support for victims of crime to help them cope with, and recover from, the harmful effects of the crime they have experienced.

The Victim Care Service is open to all victims regardless of the type of crime or whether it has been reported to the police. The service is available for victims aged 4 years old and up and it does not matter how recently or how long ago the crime took place or if they are the direct victim or not.

The support provided can take the form of practical support, such as providing security items, and emotional support by trained case workers and volunteers.
In addition, the Commissioner provides funding for, and works in partnership with, a variety of organisations that support victims. Further details can be found on the Police and Crime Commissioner’s website.

The Police and Crime Commissioner funds and provides Restorative Justice for people in Hampshire & the Isle of Wight.

Our Partners

These organisations are our partners and provide a variety of supporting services to the HIOW RJ service including access to office and meeting spaces, shared volunteers, and direct RJ service provision.

Age UK
Hampshire Fire and Rescue
Hampshire Constabulary
Citizens Advice
PMS Assessment
Winchester Mediation Service
NSF mediation

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Case Studies

A Burglary In Southampton

"When the police told me about RJ, I was interested straight away and they referred me to the RJ service.

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A Residential Burglary on the Isle of Wight

Three offenders entered a residential property on the Isle of Wight on numerous occasions during the evening and early morning, searched rooms, and stole property.

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Assault Resulting in ABH

A male had intervened to prevent a domestic assault, and had himself been badly assaulted by the offender, causing ABH injuries.

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Injury By Dangerous Driving

The offender, Sam*, had committed the offence of causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

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Neighbours' Dispute

A neighbours’ dispute had been occurring between John*, who owned a house adjoining a public right of way, and Frank*, who was the son of the owner of a plot of land opposite John’s house, for many years.

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Non-Recent Child Sexual Abuse

The offences against Joshua were of a sexual nature and were committed in the 1980s, when Joshua was aged between 10 and 15 years old.

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Residential Burglaries in Hampshire

Watch this video about how Restorative Justice brought peace to a burglary victim.

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Rosalyn's Story

Rosalyn shares her experience of Restorative Justice.

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What People Say About RJ

The facilitators have been wonderful. I feel stronger than I did. I would really recommend Restorative Justice.

Debbie, victim

I hope that she would understand that I know what I’ve done was wrong and I’ve learnt from my actions.

Ryan, offender

I had my opportunity to discuss the incident and also to meet the offender in person.

Leighton, victim